Hello World

Starting a blog to share thoughts & code


Mark Druffel


December 21, 2019

Hello World

At this year’s RStudio Conf David Robinson discussed the importance of sharing work publicly in his talk “The unreasonable effectiveness of public work.”. He attributed much of his own personal, professional success to the habit of sharing his work and encouraged others to adopt the habit. I recommend the talk to anyone, data scientist or not. Anyhow, I have procrastinated writing a blog for long enough. I attended the Advanced RMarkdown Workshop at the conference and learned, among other things, the blogdown blogdown package so here’s to getting started :beers:

Blogdown Starter Kit

The aforementioned Advanced RMarkdown Workshop is a great resource and per usual RStudio was kind enough to open source it. A few additional resource I used to get this site open and running were:

All the above resources should have anyone well informed on blogdown, but for posterity I recommend following Alison Hill’s blog as there are sure to be updates and she is an amazing resource. Happy blogging!